ACUPUNCTURE ALTERNATIVES is an alternative healing practice based in Park Slope Brooklyn, New York.

Using many alternative modalities our health practice can help you heal many dis-orders and dis-eases.

Our basis is acupuncture, begun thousands of years ago, and an underlying system of balance and transformation present in many forms of healing today.

In our office we utilize full body Acupuncture,
Auricular (ear) Acupuncture, Magnets, Traditional Chinese Herbs,
Nutritional Suppliments and Diet, Qi Gong,
Hypnosis, Affirmations Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programing, and Hawaiian Huna Spiritual Healing.

In addition we have partners
in Naturpathic Medicine, Art Psychotherapy,
Alternative Physical Therapies, and Kinesiology.

We help resolve issues related to weight,
substance abuse, dysfunctional communication, smoking, pain,
nutrition, and life style balancing.
We can help you and your family regain health and well being.

Please contact our office, for an appointment and more information.
E-mail us at or call 347-531-2320.

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