Acupuncture is based on Chinese Medicine's meridian

and point system.

Meridians are energy pathways through the body

following more or less the same route through ambulating mammals.

Points are "holes" in the body where one can access the energy pathway or meridian.

There are 12 main meridians which are associated with bodily organs and functions,

as well as 8 extraordinary meridians that have special functions in the body system.

There are approximately 360 main points in specific locations on the body.

Besides the basic acupuncture meridian and point system, there are numerous

other "systems" by which to heal the body with "acupuncture techniques.

For example there is the Korean Hand System, the French/Chinese/European Auricular or Ear System,

Scalp Acupuncture, the Face System, etc.

With each system, the entire body system can be motivated to heal.


Acupuncture, that is accessing the energy systems of the body through specific"holes"

can be done with a variety of tools:

1) very thin filiform, solid, individually sterilized and packaged stainless steel (or another alloy) needles

2) very low levels of electric current

3) pressure

4) heat

5) colors

6) sound

7) magnets

8) injections


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