Gua Sha


Tui Na


my body will fly like the wind
flow like the sea
transform under whisps of swirling smoke

the body

holds all


and releases all



Moxa is a warming technique which brings heat to the body and

moves energy via burning the dried herb

Artemesia Vulgaris (AI Ye). This herb is burned

alone or in combination with some other herbs.

Ai Ye burns at over 600 degrees Farenheit, therefore can easily heat (and burn, so it must be done with great care) a specific area of the body.

Burning moxa is administered is several ways:

1) moving a burning cigar-like stick of rolled moxa near the skin, rolling or a metal stick-like moxa container on the skin

2) directly burning very small rice-grain-like cones of moxa directly on the skin which may cause a small scar

3) burning a ball in moxa on the end of an acupuncture needle (called "warming needle")

4) burning a little mound of moxa on a "slab" of ginger

or mound of salt that has been placed on the skin



Gua Sha is a skin scraping technique, somewhat like using

a loofa sponge on your skin, except more force is used.


Cupping is technique used in many cultures use to draw out pain, stagnation, or other "evils".

They can be made of a various substances, for example bamboo, glass or plastic.

Cups come in a variety of sizes.

Cups can be applied to most parts of the body where there is some soft tissue, including the face.

They are left in one place, or can be slid around to cover more area.

A cup is applied by suction, either mechanical

or by the use of fire to burn up the oxygen in the cup.

An emollient oil or cream like vasoline or tiger balm is used in "fire" cupping and sliding cups to help make and keep an air lock.


Tui Na is traditional Chinese medical massage.

It is often focused on meridians and acupuncture points, as well as localized areas of pain or trauma.

It is done on the skin and can be very light or very deep.

It may also involve stretching and pulling to adjust ligaments and bones.



Reiki was rediscovered by a Japanese Christian Monk.

Reiki is similar to the practice of laying on of hands done by

followers of some of the religions of the world.

Reiki is the use the healing energy of the universe.

This energy passes through the practitioners hands to the recipient.

The healing hands may be directly on the body or inches or more away.

It is somewhat similar to Qi Gong masters sending their energy to heal someone

except that Reiki does not take years of disciplined practice

as does becoming a Qi Gong master.


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