deep in my cells

are streams of magnetically sensitive


memory, life times, half-lives

doulbe helixes spinning with the earth

the sun

the universe

building my body

magnetically structured and restructured to

electromagnetic tunes

tunes turned by mind thought

moon spin

ferrous sulfide



orange juice


We are electrically active. And we produce large amounts of energy during our daily activities.

Why not invent objects to aid us in our ever increasing need for electrical energy

to run our techno devices, by using our excess power!!!

If 10 potatoes can run a computer, why can't we

put on some magnetic or gravity sensitive device that creates

electrical energy as we walk, rake, row, run, hoe, cycle, climb, vacuum ????


Plug my stationary bike into my battery pack charger!

Invent some efficient fluorescent lights for my bike!

Put some electrodes into my compost heap, or a gas line... make some energy!

Any ideas? Technical expertise?

Contact us about human electrical power at


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